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Saturday, 27 June 2020

HOW TO FIX - your virus and threat protection is managed by your organization


so friends welcome to you all in our new blog post and in this post, we are going to show you how you can solve the problem of  "your virus and threat protection is managed by your organization" in your windows defender antivirus and friends this problem was really faced by so many people and if you search for it on the internet then there are very less solution to fix it and if there any solution then most of the time it does not work properly but friends don’t worry now about this problem because in this blog post I am giving the full solution of this problem and believe me, friends, after this tutorial you will be able to solve his problem in 5 minutes only.

Why solve the problem “your virus and threat protection is managed by your organization” in windows defender?

In today’s time, the use of computers is so much increased and if we talk about the operating system then 90% of computers are based on the Microsoft Windows operating system and in today’s time the rise in the usage of computers is also responsible for rising in the spread of viruses and any other malware which are very dangerous for our data safety and for the health of our computers.

TO solve this problem Microsoft windows officially provide its antivirus to Windows users for free so that they can able to protect their data and protect their computer from viruses but sometimes in windows defender, some security errors came due to this the chances of data insecurity will be increased and if we talk about one of the most common security issues then it will be, “your virus and threat protection is managed by your organization” this message comes most of the times in many windows defender users let's solve this problem.

Why the problem of “your virus and threat protection is managed by your organization” occur?

There is no fixed answer, that why this problem comes but in most of the cases this the problem is seen when your windows defender is disabled or in the case when you change the settings of your windows defender and again in starting, I say that there is no clear answer for this but friends there is one clear solution for this and in this tutorial, we are sharing that solution with you and really friends that solution was very helpful for let’s begin.

How to fix – “your virus and threat protection is managed by your organization”?


To solve this problem of “your virus and threat protection is managed by your organization” we have to follow some of the steps and friends follow the steps properly then only you will we able to fix the problem of the windows defender.

Steps: -

1. Press the windows button key along with the R button key and open your run command and in run command, give the command “Regedit” and then press the “ok” option.
 your-virus-and-threat-protection-is-managed-by-your-organization a new window open with the name registry editor, in registry editor, select and expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

3. After expanding  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, select software option and expand it and after expanding the software go to the submenu of software and click on policies and expand policies and in the submenu of polices select Microsoft and expand it and in the submenu of Microsoft click on windows defender and don’t expand the windows defender only click on it.

4.after clicking on windows defender you will see some option on the right-hand side, those options are the value of windows defender, now go to the right-hand side and select “Disable antispyware” and delete it.

5. After deleting the “Disable antispyware” go to the windows defender and a new option appears with name restart, simply click on the restart, and if the restart button does not work in one press then click on it 5-6 times.

Congratulations! now your windows defender is in working condition.


Do I need Windows Defender?

if you are a windows user then definitely windows defender is best for you and one of the great things about windows defender is that it is a high-level antivirus and it is free .so, according to me, you will need it to protect your data.

What Antivirus is compatible with Windows Defender?

McAfee and Windows Defender Compatibility with each other.

Does Windows Defender stop malware in windows?

Windows defender is officially provided by Microsoft and windows is also a product of Microsoft so you can say that windows defender is best for windows and it will definitely stop malware.

What is the best free antivirus?

If you are using windows operating system then windows defender is the best antivirus for you it gives you amazing speed and performance. it is better than any other paid antivirus.


in this post, we try to explain to you that how you can solve the problem of error "your virus and threat protection is managed by your organizationin only 5 minutes. we give our 100% to you and explain to you in the easiest way and friends really this method works so if you are facing the same problem then apply this method once and you will get a good result definitely.

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