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Tuesday, 23 June 2020

How to reverse a youtube playlist


Hello, friends welcome to our blog and in this blog post, I am gonna show you  How to reverse a youtube playlist. this problem was faced by so many people, they want to watch new videos first and older videos in last on youtube, but on youtube playlist, the older videos play first and newer video later .so friends don't worry we are here to solve your problem and it is a fully legal way and so simple.

why watch playlist in reverse?
In youtube, if we play any playlist then older videos play first and new videos youtube play later, and there are so many people who want to watch new videos first and older videos later but youtube not provide these option and because of these, we are not able to watch playlist according to our requirement.

is it safe to watch youtube playlist in reverse?
yes, it is safe to watch youtube playlist in reverse, watching youtube playlist in reverse is not any kind of illegal activity or any other kind of unsafe activity which harms our security and safety. the method we are sharing with you today is fully secure and safe.

How to reverse a youtube playlist?
To reverse a youtube playlist you have to follow some of the basic and easy steps one by one and then definitely you can watch the youtube playlist in reverse as you want.

note:- you can watch youtube reverse playlist on your phone or pc browser only.

steps:- your any of the web browser in your pc/smartphone. for the website name and open it.

3. go to the youtube and copy the link of the playlist you want to play in reverse.

4.paste the URL link of the playlist in
how-to-reverse-youtube-playlist go to the top right corner of the and select the option "title" and then a row open in which you have to select the option "newest first" and then your playlist will be reversed.

How to reverse youtube playlist throw extension?
if you do not want to use any kind of website to reverse the youtube video playlist then don't worry we also have another option for you, by using extension also you can reverse the youtube video on your computer or laptop and it is also fully secure method.


1. download and install the extension on your computer or laptop.
    extension for chrome browser - download now
    extension for firefox browser - download now

2.after installing extension open it and edit extension setting.
  • go to video settings.
  • in the video settings, enable reverse playlist control?
 3. After editing the settings, go to the youtube playlist WHICH you want to reverse and a new option you see there for playlist reverse. Click on the "reverse playlist" option and your playlist is reverse.

how to reverse our own playlist?

if you have your own playlist and want to reverse it then don't worry we have a solution for this problem also, and this method is an official PROVIDED BY  youtube so, DONT think about security.

1.go to any of your playlist and click on edit option.

2.then go on the playlist settings and open it.

3. then a pop-up window appears on your screen, go to ordering and select the option "date published (newest)" and your playlist becomes reverse.


Who was the first Youtuber?
jawed Karim is the first YouTuber and he is also one of the founder of youtube.

how to check watch history on youtube?
go to the library of youtube and there you see one option of "history" click on it and you will find there your watch history.

I hope you guys that you like or small tutorial which is based on "How to reverse a youtube playlist", in this tutorial we try to explain you that how you can watch youtube playlist in revere.

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