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Friday, 19 June 2020

How to check hotmail junk mail on android?

It's when somebody keeps on sending you unwanted emails, you decide to place them under junk or spam folders. Junk mails do nothing besides muddle your Inbox so it’s better to stop them from recurring. but sometimes because of any reason we have to check them and at that time, we don't know how to check emails which are kept in the junk emails list so don't worry in this tutorial we explain to you step by step "How to check Hotmail junk mail on android?"

 In this article, we’ll be significantly discussing how one can verify Hotmail junk mail on Android, and consider me, it’s very simple. So, with none additional ado, allow us to immediately delve into the method

Steps to check Hotmail Junk Mail on Android:


  • go to the junk folder in the Hotmail(outlook) android app.

  • Under the “Junk E-Mail” folder, you’ll see all your junk mails.

  • CONGRATULATIONS! now you can check Hotmail junk mail on android.

HOW TO USE filters in the Hotmail Android app?

  • open your inbox in Hotmail.
  • Click on the filter option 

  • choose the filter you want.

  • congratulations!now results are according to filter you choose.

How to Add Two Hotmail accounts?

  • open Hotmail web app or mobile app.
  • go to the Hotmail settings given below.
  • select "add account".

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