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Thursday, 25 June 2020

How To Make Your Old Phone Fast Again


Friends when you buy a new authentic phone it will be superfast because in today's time even if we talk about phones which comes under the price range of 100$ to 200$ then also it gives you nice performance but when the time passe and after 5 to 6 month the phone becomes slower we am not only talking about the entry-level smartphone but this problem people faced with mid-range and flagship phones also and sometimes it happens that phone will not work properly especially if we talk about entry-level friends don't worry in this tutorial I am gonna show you that How To Make Your Old Phone Fast Again.

How many tips and tricks we are gonna showing you in this tutorial?
in this tutorial, we are gonna showing you something around 10 tips and tricks which are very effective and by using these tips you can Make Your Old Phone Fast Again so stay tuned with us and this tricks and tips are work on every kind of phone either it is midrange phone, entry-level phone or flagship phone.

Tips for - How To Make Your Old Phone Fast Again

1.less storage space 
friends the most and universal region of slowing down of phone is storage if your storage is full or have less space than it has 90% of chances that your phone becomes it has a simple solution to make fast your old phone and that is, clean your storage by uninstalling the unwanted apps.

Every smartphone user uses something around 10-15 apps daily and the rest of the apps we do not use so uninstall the all not usable apps and make your storage free. also delete your unwanted media files like photos, videos, and save call recordings, songs, etc.

If you think that your photos and videos and other media files all are important then save them on google drive and then delete them from your phone.

2.micro sd card 
friends, sometimes you want to increase your phone storage and you simply buy an sd card but never buy the cheap and slow sd cards they make your phone slow. always buy fast sd cards .the fast sd is a little bit costlier than slow sd cards but it gives you amazing fast experience.

3.remove unwanted apps from the home screen.
WHEN YOU Think that How To Make Your Old Phone Fast Again then according to me the one of the best solution is, don't keep so many apps and widget on the home screen because it makes your phone slow.remove all unwanted apps and widgets from the home screen and keep fewer apps and widgets on home screen and friends so many people ignore this thing but really keeping more apps and widgets on home screen makes your phone so slow.

4.disable animation from the settings
If you want to increase your phone performance up to  60% then definitely you should disable your animations and when you disable your animation from your phone then you will see an instant performance boost in your phone and it also increases the battery life of your phone.

note:- To disable animation search for it on google.

5.remove background apps 
after using any app please remove it from the background. the apps which run in the background on your phone also consume so much of ram of your phone and make your phone so much slow and it also it is also responsible for phone heating.

6.dont use third party cleaner apps.
Never use cleaner apps, they clean your phone less and make adware more so it's my strong suggestion to never use cleaner apps. and they also consume so much of ram of your phone and they always run in the background which also responsible for decreasing phone performance. so if you have any cleaner app in your phones then uninstall it now you can use preinstalled cleaner apps.

In today's time, there is not any use of cleaner apps. We can say that they are working  5 to 6 years ago but in today's time, they are have no use because android is only clean so many unwanted files by itself because android becomes so advance in today's time.

7. use lite apps. 
If you use social media then always use lite apps .most of the social media platforms provides you with lite apps and using lite apps gives us so many benefits like it consumes less storage and less ram usage.
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest all provide you lite, use lite apps only. not use third-party launchers.

WHEN YOU Think that How To Make Your Old Phone Fast Again then according to me the one of the best solution is don't use third-party launchers, friends launchers used by so many people and really they give us good customization option for our phone but if you use launchers then it will make your phone slow and I am not talking about all launchers I am specifically talking about third-party launchers .you can use preinstalled launchers they do not impact on your performance but third party launchers decrease the performance of the phone.
How-To-Make-Your-Old-Phone-Fast-Again update 
sometimes update also make your phone slow because of the hardware of the phone not compatible with the software update. so always do research about the update before updating the phone you can research it on youtube or on google search engine etc. I am not saying that never update the phone but sometimes the hardware of some phones not compactable with a software update but it is good to update our phone especially security patch.

10.reset your phone.
 After applying all of these above settings, then also your phone not working fast then this is one last option which really makes any phone fast and that is "reset".yes resetting your phone make it faster but before resetting the phone backup you all data and then apply this setting. and it is 100% working trick to make your phone fast. and it is a good habit to reset your phone every 3 months to always keep it fast and not for making phone fast if any other kind of problem was there on the phone then also you can reset your phone and it will make your phone problem fix.

How can I make my phone faster?
  • Clean the system memory several times during the day.
  • Don't update your phone too much.
  • Think before you install an app. 
  • Clean the system memory several times during the day.

HOW to boost phone performance?
  • free storage space.
  • use lite apps 
  • reset your phone 
  • delete unwanted apps and media files.
In this tutorial, we try to show you that How To Make Your Old Phone Fast Again and we give our 100%in this, we always explain every "how-to" question in detail and this time also we try to explain you this in detail and if any of the thing left with us then please comment us we try to resolve it in our next tutorial.

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